WATCHING.. joe pera talks with you :-)
LISTENING TO.. 60's country and Al Wilson
FEELING.. The current mood of devipancake at
new month, new animal!! please enjoy some small facts about the pancake tortoise!!! i also replaced the song otm box with navlink ads as well as added some more buttons... ALSO ALSO i forgot that yesterday was a leap day!! so sad... anyway thats all :-) happy friday! -2/29/24
i wrote another diary entry :-) i dont think ill put something here everytime i do that but ,,, wutever,, i also made a button!! its my first button i have literally ever made so its kinda blurry but its ok i luv my button. ok thats all,, happy thursday !!!
added alot of mutual buttons (ty for following me friends ! ) and finished my diary page!!! im going to my moms house soon so more freetime to make things,, so look out for more updates i guess :-)
happy valentines day!! i made my art hub yesterday but i didnt wanna put anything in the update box until today (cus.. its a holiday,,,) anyway its just the main art hub, i still need to make character pages!! yayy
made an about me page :-) rly happy with how it turned out,, i also added a couple things to the homepage over the last couple days!:-) xcited to work on more
finished homepage!!!(for the most part) yay!!! i still need to do lots of stuff.. but its baby steps u know..
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Welcome!!! (◔◡◔) Nice to meet you!!! (◔◡◔)

hello ! welcome to DEVITASTIC!! ✩ ✩

this site is a passion project from the mind of a little freak as well as a diary of sorts :-)it's a little place for me to express myself, my thoughts, and share my creations!!

coding has always been an interest of mine, and since social media has become extremely scary for me, i decided to finally make the website i had been dreaming about :-) please enjoy your stay <3

Super cool web mutuals & neighbors :-)
Philia995 the button of Velvet Blue jeith joyfulthought
----------------- fun facts!
* their shell is flexible making them light & speedy
* they live up to 35 years.. or longer!!
* they are found in southern Kenya....
* their diet consists of a lot of vegetaion, dry grass, and fallen fruit
be nice to them please..
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- finish entire homepage
- make about page
- finish first character page
- map out shrine pages
- make first shrine page
- ten million other things probly