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hi hello my name is ORBIT / CARE (i like to name collect sorry..) and i am the webmaster !! i am 17 ( 09 14 2006 ). im on the spectrum as well as other stuff,, i don't think it's all that important here.
as for gender and stuff im pangender, panromantic, aroacespec ... im literally everything. gender is vry complicated for me :-) my diary will probly have some entries about it if ur interested.

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i like a whole lot of things!! the shrines i make on here will most likey be for my special interests. i really love Little Big Planet !! its been one of my biggest interests since i was a tot. some other things im pretty passionate about are starkid musicals (especaially the hatchet feild trilogy), UTDR, petscop, pokemon, unfiction, sonic media, klonoa, and beanie babie collecting i enjoy alot of things :-)